24ft x 8ft x 4 x 10 3mm Heavy Duty Full Size Soccer Goal Net

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  • HEAVY DUTY SOCCER GOAL NET – This top-quality soccer net has been built for seasons worth of use, having been manufactured from 3.0mm twisted heavy duty 117ply twine which enhances the durability of the net.
  • SUITABLE FOR FULL SIZE SOCCER GOALS – Measuring in at 24ft x 8ft, this premium soccer net features a top depth of 3ft and bottom depth of 8ft, making it perfect for senior 11 a side soccer goals.
  • MATCHDAY OR TRAINING USE – Whether you require a new net for your matchday soccer goal or a training goal net, the versatility of this heavy-duty net for soccer goals allows it to hang effortlessly from any goal.
  • CLASSIC WHITE DESIGN – Punctuating the professionalism of your soccer pitch, the traditional white soccer goal nets is incredibly bright and will add a touch of quality to your matchday and training soccer goals.