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DETAILS This is the soccer shoe of the great Diadora champions of the past. It is entirely assembled in Italy, at the heart of the sports footwear production district, and comes back in its original version with a few small changes further enhancing its high quality. Baggio 03 Italy OG satisfies the most demanding soccer players, as well as the new technical requirements of modern soccer. “Baggio 03 Italy OG” has an Italian-made upper of full-grain kangaroo leather “CHROME FREE” with water-repellent treatment and quilted front to guarantee maximum softness to the touch as well as full support and a comfortable fit. Thanks to the hydro-tech micro-fiber used to line the interior and tongue, the boot padding is always kept dry and comfort is guaranteed, even in the wet. The Ergos NP fitted anatomical footbed, in nylon and polypropylene, ensures lightness and flexibility while guaranteeing maximum performance and extreme comfort. What is more, thanks to the introduction of the exclusive Double Action system, designed to absorb shock, and the particular shape of the removable bidensity insole, the shoe neutralises all negative vibrations to maintain