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The CCM Jetspeed 440 hockey stick is an excellent option for the new-to-hockey player or weekly skater who is looking for a stick that provides great value and performs well on the ice.

  • Hybrid flex profile for enhanced speed and response
  • JS3 blade for enhanced puck feel
  • Jetspeed shaft for ultimate performance

When purchasing a new hockey stick, regardless of your level or frequency of play, it is important to focus on kick point to get the most out of the stick and to help improve your on-ice performance. With three kick points available - high-kick, mid-kick, and low-kick, it is vital to find the right option for you and your style of play. If you’re unsure which kick point is best for you, visit your local Pure Hockey for an accurate assessment.

The Jetspeed 440 stick, like the rest of the 2019 Jetspeed line, has a mid-kick point, ideal for players who take a variety of shots from everywhere, both quick-motion and full-motion, and value versatility. The mid-kick design of the 440 is unique in that it offers a hybrid flex profile. CCM’s design for the new Jetspeed line creates a hinge effect when shooting which optimizes the loading zone to create an excellent mix of quickness and response. 

To complement this hybrid flex point, CCM includes some key technologies that will help the occasional player or beginner get the most out of this stick. One feature is the Jetspeed 3 blade, also included in the Jetspeed 460 model. The JS3 offers a lightweight feel with a dampened core, providing a better feel for more precision and puck control. This feature is important for those players developing their puck-handling skills.

Another feature included in the 440 model is the Jetspeed shaft. This top-of-the-line technology, also included in the Jetspeed FT2 stick, uses a new R-geometry that offers rounded corners, concave sides, and a streamlined shape from top to bottom to offer a very comfortable feel. With this stick fitting securely in your hands, you will be able to experience the performance benefits it has to offer. 

Any player, regardless of skill-level, is encouraged to upgrade to a higher-level model like the Jetspeed FT2 if they want to experience the performance benefits of a top-end stick. But the CCM Jetspeed 440 is a great choice for those weekly players, or those just starting out, who are looking for a quality stick with some good features at a low price point.